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On this page, we list our popular ‘Roll and Write’ selection of games. Perfect for those looking to be up and running with a new game in minutes! Take a look at our current selection, all available to buy now!

Our Roll and Write games

The Planets My Destination image
1-6 Players
20-30 minutes
Suitable for ages 10+

The Planets My Destination


The space race has begun. You must lead your nation to colonise or conquer the most valuable planets and moons in the solar system. Do you focus on building up resources? Scientific advances? Expanding your territory? Collaboration with others? Or building the most powerful military and just conquering your adversaries’ hard-won colonies?

The Planets My Destination is a print at home Roll and Write game where you try to gain control of the solar system!

What's included:

Print and play files including both high and low ink versions.

Two multiplayer sheets and one solo sheet

Multiplayer, advanced multiplayer and solo rulebooks

Rocky ‘Roid image
1-6 Players
10-30 minutes
Suitable for ages 8+

Rocky ‘Roid


Times are tough in the Belt. Almost everyone is living on the edge. Mining is a great way to earn money, but it’s very competitive as a result. You’re the owner of a mining ship over several generations. Can you venture out, find the most valuable minerals, and then get back to Ceres quick enough to sell them before the market crashes?

Rocky ‘Roid is a print at home asteroid-mining Roll and Write game where you venture out into the asteroid belt from Ceres to mine six different types of resources and then race back home to try to sell them at the market peak. Each time a player sells a mineral the price drops for everyone else – so you don’t want to be last home!

What's included:

Print and play files including both high and low ink versions.

Rocky ‘Roid comes with 4 multiplayer and 3 solo maps

Mulitplayer, solo, and individual map rulebooks


If you have any questions about the rules for our Roll and Write games, please see our FAQS or email Jack and he’ll answer your question and add it to the list.

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