FlickFleet Reviews

Here are a few independent reviews of FlickFleet with more to come!

"It's an absolute joy to play!"
Raf Cordero,
Ding and Dent
"It's got all the highs and lows you'd want from that sort of competitive dexterity game - it's great!"
Board Game Barrage
"A space combat game that excels in its simplicity and fun."
The Lucky Roll
"If you like dexterity games with a lot of luck and you’re looking for a quick 2-player game with a lot of gameplay, FlickFleet is a good fit for you."
The Cardboard Kid
"It looks gorgeous, feels lovely, challenges you in both strategy and dexterity. It's nothing short of miraculous."
Ann Jones,
Cards or Die
"It’s a surprisingly solid skirmish game, one with some very good ideas rattling around its command deck."
Dan Thurot,
"It employs the dexterity aspect in a really smart way, making it able to utilize the dexterity elements as a convenient way to have really complex ideas like cover, range, luck, movement, etc... in a very approachable package."
Jack Eddy,
The Cardboard Herald
"Overall, FlickFleet is pretty super! Like I said, I’m a big fan of what I’ve already gotten to see, here, sure, but I’m also a big fan of the game’s potential."
Eric Yurko,
What's Eric Playing?
"FlickFleet is the sweet love child of dexterity games and tactical miniature titles. It works so well that it makes you wonder why no-one thought to marry them earlier."
Matt Thrower,
"Who would enjoy FlickFleet? Dexterity fans in general. Let's be honest. This is who the game is meant for."
Josh Edwards,
Board Game Reviews by Josh
"So if you want to create worlds, have epic space battles, create rivalries, chase each other down and blow each other up with your dice then I think you will really love FlickFleet."
Antoinette Mason,
Boardgame Inquisition