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The English rules for FlickFleet and the first expansion should cover most things,
here are some more details on things that need a bit of extra clarity


We make the games on a laser-cutter in Paul's garage. The deluxe versions have the ships' names and detail etched on top, and that takes us 3 times as long to make.

Just the base game if you want to play with 2 players. If you want to play with 3 or 4 players though, you will need FlickFleet: Xeno Wars too.

That counts as a hit. If the ship is the first item the die hits (and the die doesn't leave the play area) the ship will take damage.

The mine is returned to its original place and does not explode.

As long as the die doesn't leave the play area, if a cloaked ship is knocked off the table it has fled. If it was hiding around the edge of the battle while cloaked the commanding officer must have been particularly cowardly, hence having to make evasive manoeuvres while cloaked pushed them over the edge and they fled.

They have run away and it is removed from the game.

If you knock a ship out of play during your movement without declaring a ramming attempt it is returned to the play area at least 5cm from the edge of the play area and as close as possible to where it was before it was knocked out.

In the second edition, ramming with wings is not allowed, only with damaged capital ships.

Ramming is a special type of movement, but is movement, so you cannot ram and move in the same turn with a ship.

If hit by a die that remains in the play area or a ship, the mine explodes at the point where it was hit.

The launching mine is destroyed without exploding, but the hit mine explodes.

Providing the hit wasn't from a die that left the table (nothing happens), then the mine explodes where it stops, unless it was knocked out of play, when it explodes where it started.

It loses a hull cube if it has one, if it doesn't it's destroyed.

"It's got all the highs and lows you'd want from that sort of competitive dexterity game - it's great!"

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