FlickFleet space battle dexterity game from Eurydice Games
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Deluxe FlickFleet Game

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2 Players
20 minutes
Suitable for ages 8+



The fate of the fleet is in your hands, literally, in this fast, fun spaceship battle dexterity game. Flick your ships to move. Flick dice to attack. FlickFleet combines tactical ship-to-ship combat with a dexterity element. Raise your shields and get your flicking finger ready.

Includes plenty of fighters, bombers and capital ships to play a range of different scenarios and battles.

The game is either scenario based, with some scenarios in the rulebook and more here, or you can build your own fleets for evenly matched games.

FlickFleet has successfully funded four times on Kickstarter in December 2018, November 2019, August 2020 and April 2021. We have plenty in stock to buy now.

Also available as print and play files if you have access to a 3D printer or laser-cutter.

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FlickFleet comes with rules for five scenarios in the box and information on points values for the ships so you can play fair fights or design your own scenarios.

We're now busy crafting the FlickFleet Kickstarter rewards, but we'll also be trying to fit in some scenario design around that and as and when we have more scenarios that are tested and ready we will make them available here. If you've designed your own scenarios please send them to Jack and he'll get them up here too - we're hoping to build a community around FlickFleet and would love you to share your scenarios with other players!

"FlickFleet is brilliant. - Must-Play"

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Expansion Packs


The English rules for FlickFleet and the first expansion should cover most things, for details on things that need a bit of extra clarity, please see our FAQS or email Jack and he’ll answer your question and add it to the list.

If you'd like a printable copy of this FAQ, please click here.