FlickFleet: Xeno Wars - The Space Battle Dexterity Game

2-4 players, 20+ minutes, ages 8+


FlickFleet: Xeno Wars is a stand-alone expansion for FlickFleet that adds two new alien species to the game. It can be played on its own as a 2-player game, or can be combined with the base game to enable games with up to 4 players.

FlickFleet: Xeno Wars components

includes plenty of drones, bombers and capital ships to play a range of different scenarios and battles.

Xeno Wars introduces the Storm - a high-tech alien species with fast, highly maneuverable ships and powerful weapons. Their only downside is that their ships are quite fragile once the shields are down. Pitted against them are the organic ships of The Hive. These ships have no shields, but heal rapidly and spit a constant stream of parasitic boarding pods that can rapidly takeover a ship from the inside.

FlickFleet: Xeno Wars will be crowdfunding on Gamefound between 4th and 18th July 2022.