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FlickFleet: A Dice Dexterity Game of Deep Space Destruction

For 10,000 years the Imperium of Earth has ruled the stars with an iron fist but now The Uprising have thrown off their totalitarian yoke and are gathering a following and a fleet. An Imperial battle fleet is dispatched from Earth to end them...

The fate of the fleet is in your hands, literally. Flick your ships to move. Flick dice to attack. FlickFleet is a two player dice dexterity game which combines tactical ship-to-ship combat with a dexterity element. Raise your shields and get your flicking finger ready!

The game can be played as a points-based freeform game, with each player choosing the ships they wish to field, or by using one of a number of scenarios. Includes 22 fighters, bombers and capital ships laser-cut from acrylic and five introductory scenarios in the rulebook (with more available online).

FlickFleet is coming to Kickstarter later this year (probably September), as another hand-crafted game like Zombology. If you would like to know as soon as it hits Kickstarter please subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. The price will be £30 plus shipping.